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Pablo ObscuraFog 6, 2013
R.I.P. Robin Williams
After much researches and thoughts about what resonator guitar I should buy (what brand ? 12 or 14 frets ? Steel or Brass ?), I finally ordered this one: A Rat Rod UFO by HotRod Steel Guitars.
(I’ll make proper pictures wen it’s here)
I was planning to spend this summer to work on writing songs and I did/still am. It made me realized a lot of things about why I was not happy with what I wrote so far.. Part of this was the way I played guitar, and even the type of guitars I was playing.
So I’m basically starting from scratch again and re-learn to play guitar in an whole new way: on a resonator, using slide with a heavy use of behind-the-slide fretting and open and weird tunings…
Not sure of how this music will sound like but I see something rooted in Blues while aiming at the future. I hear old sounds used and manipulated with the help of modern technologies. I smell gasoline fired up by laser beams..
I think I want the music to rely a lot on the resonator: it will be at the center of it, used for guitar parts of course, but also for beats, noises and ambient stuff. I’ll use a lot of live sampling and looping to do so.
On top of that, I’ll use the modular synth for other sounds (bass, synths etc…).
The thing I’m not sure of is the balance between the two…should I keep it raw and naked or do something with more developped arrangement ? … Maybe both…

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