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We got a lot of amazing gear at #seatacguitarshow2014 but this ’60s Reso-Glas Supro Belomont might be the coolest, I dunno. So red, so loud, with a personality that reminds me of those cool kids in school that were totally mean but you can’t help but talk to them in case they revealed the secret of popularity. But you didn’t learn anything because every time you said ‘Hey Rick!’ he’d pants you and call you dickwad and you always got detention for fighting but it wasn’t your fault how was I supposed to handle it by not fighting? Yeah, well screw you Mr. Phillips you were the worst principal ever and I hope you… What? Oh yeah, guitars. Asking $1200 or three months of therapy. #guitar #supro #belmont #red #airline #resoglas #valco #vintage #seattle (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)
Another pic of #anidifranco live show in Paris last Saturday #anitour #righteousbabe #folkmusic

Hi, I need to install a strap button on my steel body resonator guitar but I’m not sure what the best way to do it. Should I put it on the little flat surface on the back on the neck heel (= at a right angle to the back of the body) or is it better to put it on the side on the heel, at 45° to the body, toward the ground. I’ve seen both, not sure what solution is more secure/solid.. ?Any advices/tips to avoid horrid stuff like splitting the wood etc… ?While I’m at it, if you can recommand a nice magnetic pickup for a reso, I’m all ears ! (A Lollar gold foil is tempting but not sure I have enough string clearance to fit them)
Thanks and keep on being the coolest guys around !
Pic of the neck heel here
TOO KIND! We’re not quite as cool as we put out there. Or maybe we are; can the cool judge what is or is not cool, being so deeply connected to it? If we are all made of star stuff, then the universe is able to know itself, but is the universe able to pronounce what is or is not favorable whilst also being so? What? Oh yeah. So, for strap buttons, I wouldn’t necessarily say that one area is more secure than the other, but I prefer to have my strap buttons on acoustic guitars on the treble side of the heel, which prevents the guitar body from pitching forward while I play it. If you hold a guitar by the endpin, then put your finger where you think you might place a new button, you can kind of find the balance point that keeps it from shifting too much, then mark it. That’s how I handle it. Most woods are going to be plenty solid enough to not have to worry about it.
As for magnetic pickups, string clearance is going to be the tricky part here. you may need to modify the body of the guitar in front of the neck to accommodate a magnetic pickup, but something like a Gold Foil, Firebird or mini-hum would do well. A Charlie Christian would look rad, as well as a lipstick. I mean, it really depends on the sound you’re looking for. A Gold Foil might be the easiest, but you might look into vintage DeArmond Foils, which have a super-thin bobbin shape and a removable base plate. That could be the trick.
Hope this helps!
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